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Today from Linux Beach:

      50 years ago today: Tonkin false flag attack kills millions

>     /"This ship is allegedly uh to be attacked tonight."/
>                       - Defense Secretary to President before phony
>     attack <http://www2.gwu.edu/%7Ensarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB132/tapes.htm>.
> <http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-q5Z5lKyucR4/UZO95ojw5wI/AAAAAAAAATU/wx3T6557G5M/s1600/VAH-Danang-800.jpg>
> Fifty years ago today, on the 4th of August 1964, the claim was made
> that North Vietnamese PT boats attacked US warships in the Gulf of
> Tonkin. Based on that claim, Congress passed the /"Gulf of Tonkin"/
> resolution empowering the Commander-in-Chief to /"do whatever may be
> necessary."/ As a result of what was seen as /"necessary,"/ more than
> fifty-thousand Americans and some three million Vietnamese would be
> slaughtered over the next eight years in the war authorized by the
> Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.
> However, the claimed 4th of August attacks that were the casus belli
> for the Vietnam War never took place. It was a hoax perpetrated on the
> World by the White House and as I revealed in *Vietnam: American
> Holocaust <http://vietnamamericanholocaust.com/>*, US President Lyndon
> B Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert S McNamara were at the
> center of it.
> White House recordings are made public after forty years, so one
> advantage I had in doing this documentary in 2006-2008, as compared to
> earlier works, was access to White House tapes [ as well as other
> documentation released by statue after 40 years. ] for those war
> years. This included the White House tapes for 4 August 1964, the day
> of the so-called Gulf of Tonkin attack. This co-incidentally was also
> the day that the FBI found the three slain civil rights workers.
> [/"Mississippi Burning"/] They reported to the White House which then
> decided how to make the news public. All and all a /"big news"/ day at
> the White House and the recordings are an incredible record of how LBJ
> juggled these two major events.
>     a day in the life...August 4, 1964
>     *At 9:15pm* LBJ is on the phone planning his announcement of the
>     bombing of North Vietnam in response to the alleged Gulf of Tonkin
>     attacks and tells McNamara /"I don't see why we bring Goldwater in
>     on this. Why don't we just say I felt it appropriate just to
>     communicate my decision to the Republican candidate for president.
>     And I'll say he's assured me of his full support. I think it makes
>     us sound like we're very much together and buddies and agreein' on
>     bombing everybody."/
>     *Twenty minutes later* he is on the phone with the Governor of
>     Mississippi about the found bodies of Michael Schwerner, Andrew
>     Goodman, and James Chaney. He tells the Govenor /"I've been in
>     this Vietnam Security Council and we're, uh, we're having to
>     retaliate out there tonight, uh, that this shooting that took
>     place at our destroyer today. I'm goin' on television after a
>     while, as soon as I get our planes off the ground, and tell the
>     people about it."/
>     Then he gets to the business of finding the killers of the civil
>     rights workers. The President tells the Governor /"I thought I'd
>     better talk to you. I know you're gonna do everything you can to
>     apprehend 'em. And anyway in the world we can help, we want to do
>     it."/ When the Governor pledges continued cooperation, Johnson
>     tells him /"You've, uh, you certainly, uh, acted fine under all
>     the circumstances. And I certainly do appreciate you attitude and
>     your cooperation."/ 
> Most significantly, the first discussion of the North Vietnamese
> /"surprise"/ attack takes place before the attack with McNamara and
> Johnson already planning their response /"in the event this attack
> takes place within the next six to nine hours." /No such attack took
> place 50 years ago today even though it was dutifully reported by the
> task force commander and used to justify a war by the President. While
> it has long been conceded, even in the official Navy records
> <http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-m/dd731-k.htm> that
> /"that there was actually no North Vietnamese attack that night,"
> /These recordings provide the /"smoking gun"/ that shows the fraud
> used to justify the murder of millions involved the very highest
> levels of the US government.
> *Vietnam: American Holocaust* was the first documentary to reveal this
> /"smoking gun"/ to the World. Below is the screenplay of the section
> on the Gulf of Tonkin Incident from the film: 


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