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Today from Linux Beach:

      Libya on the Brink

> The new congress elected 25 June held its first official session
> Monday in Tobruk as the rejected Islamist dominated congress vows to
> continue meeting in Tripoli. 4 August had been set as the date for the
> power transfer. Because the Islamists have controlled the General
> National Congress since the last election and like the power, this
> transfer is being strongly resisted. This has also lead to fierce
> fighting over control of the Tripoli Airport which has long been under
> the control of militias protected by the Islamists dominated congress.
> Meanwhile the renege General Khalifa Haftar has been leading a much
> needed struggle against the Islamist militias but he is not trusted by
> most Libyans because of his past Qaddafi and alleged CIA ties. Few
> want to see a new strongman running Libya.
> The violence in post-Qaddafi Libya has reached new peaks in recent
> weeks, many on the /"anti-imperialist"/ Left have been gleefully
> predicting total collapse, pointing to their opposition to UN and NATO
> intervention and saying /"I told you so."/ They find it convenient to
> forget that this is not what they predicted at the time.
> At the time they predicted the NATO air campaign would lead to NATO
> /"boots on the ground"/ and an occupied Libya which would also become
> the new home of AFRICOM. They called the Transitional National Council
> a puppet organization and predicted that any future government enabled
> by NATO's support would necessarily be an instrument of Western
> imperialism that would sell-out the Libyan people and their resources.
> As Carl Davison wrote me about the NATO project on 11 July 2011:

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