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On 08/29/2014 03:02 PM, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:

(So when will WSWS.org and all the rest figure out that "regime change" was never on the agenda?)
In the 60's which side of the barricades to stand on with regards to the Vietnam war was a point of debate among the people. It never was among Marxists.

I am becoming increasingly convinced that the debate around certain questions in the "Left" are a waste of time for revolutionaries. In fact that is the point. They divert revolutionaries from developing Marxism, engaging in struggle and winning people that have it in the heart and really have something on the line. I've come to feel these debates serve a counter-revolutionary purpose and hold back the mass movement.

While we have been debating which side of the barricade to stand on in Libya and Syria, with the revolutionary people or with the dictator and friends, whether on not Assad is behind all the sarin use, whether or not Putin is invading Ukraine, ISIS has been recruiting the dis-affected.

We are fools to engage these people. They have no real heart for revolution and no real concern for the people. I think Syria has proven that decisively. I have figured out that these people don't even engage in honest debate. They are in it to win it regardless of what it means to the real struggle. For example, they have "adapted" their position on Libya by making use of post revolutionary chaos but they have done nothing to examine their earlier positions in the light of real world events. They have stooped to the most dishonest techniques to defense of Assad's use of sarin.

So it is not a question of them "figuring out" what is going on vis Syria, The answer to your question is never.

I am more and more convinced that we can never make progress until we break from them decisively and completely expose and disassociate from them. Only then can we hope to make progress in building the much needed mass movement.

We can never make progress as long as these counter-revolutionaries occupy the positions we should be fighting from!
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