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Once again you've got it all wrong Marv,

ISIS is not part of the opposition to the Assad Regime. al Nusra, along
with the rest of the Syrian opposition have been fighting both ISIS and
Assad, which have only made a show of fighting each other.

That the US-led air campaign in intended to halt ISIS is only their
propaganda and your opinion.

al  Nursa is not splintering and the question that you hopeful pose in the
subject line is not supported by the article you link to. Why am I not
surprised? It does however reflect the hopes of ISIS:

However, one Islamic State fighter said he believed there was an "80
> percent chance that the brothers of Nusra will join the State".

But what Reuters says is:

> Sources close to Islamic State said some Nusra fighters were joining them
> after the strikes and there was a growing sense among many that it was time
> to put their differences aside.

So again, the source is ISIS, so really the only question your post raises
is why are you embellishing ISIS propaganda on a Marxist list?

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