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     The role of US Imperialism in Syria and the Left's Dilemma

US President Barack Obama's air war in Syria has been a long time in the making. I wrote about it more than 18 months ago in a blog post titled *Obama planning drone strikes against Assad's opposition in Syria*, 16 March 2013. I reported then <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2013/03/obama-planning-drone-strikes-against.html>:

    From the LA Times today
    we have breaking news that the Obama Administration is presently
    in the planning stages for direct US armed intervention into the
    Syrian civil war. The plan will be to intervene on the side of
    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with a series of armed drone
    strikes against his opposition.
    While drone strikes against Islamist militants fighting Assad may
    be taken in the name of saving US lives in some hypothetical
    future, they won't save any Syrian lives now or hinder Assad's
    massive /"Death from Above"/ campaign against Syrian civilians.
    Actually, since al-Nustra has been most effective in relieving
    Assad of bases for his air operations and is attempting to
    implement a /"no-fly zone"/ over Syria, any Obama attack against
    al-Nusra would certainly be most welcomed by the embattled Assad

Now those strikes have come, the danger to US lives has been declared /"imminent,"/ and not just drones are being used, but the whole range of the US air arsenal is being employed. I was banned from blogging <http://notthesingularity.com/455/clay-claiborne-banned-from-daily-kos-for-speaking-truth-about-syria/> at the Daily Kos <http://www.dailykos.com/blog/clay%20claiborne> for talk like that, but as I predicted, these strikes are against Assad's opposition, have not interfered with his own air campaign of bombing hospitals, schools and breadlines, and have been most heartily welcomed by the regime.

The same day Obama killed 50 al Nusra militants <http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2014/Sep-23/271641-eight-civilians-30-fighters-killed-in-us-led-strikes-on-nusra-front-in-syria-activists.ashx#ixzz3E8z2uYK4e> and 27 civilians <https://www.facebook.com/RadioFreeSyria/posts/706573779427832>, including at least 6 children and 4 women, Assad continued his own devastating air campaign against those seeking to end his 42 year old dictatorship, and this US intervention was most welcomed by the Assad regime. The *New York Times* reported <http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/26/world/middleeast/clashing-goals-in-syria-strikes-put-us-in-fix.html?_r=0>:

    A Syrian diplomat crowed to a pro-government newspaper that /“the
    U.S. military leadership is now fighting in the same trenches with
    the Syrian generals, in a war on terrorism inside Syria.”/ And in
    New York, the new Iraqi prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, said in
    an interview that he had delivered a private message to Mr. Assad
    on behalf of Washington, reassuring him that the Syrian government
    was not the target of American-led air strikes.
    /“Of course coordination exists,”/ said a pro-government Syrian
    journalist speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of
    retribution, who had criticized the prospect of the strikes but
    turned practically jubilant once they began. /“How else do you
    explain the strikes on Nusra?”/

Ali Haidar, Assad's minister for national reconciliation, told <http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/09/24/us-syria-crisis-minister-idUSKCN0HJ19S20140924> *Reuters* on Wednesday:

    /"As for the raids in Syria, I say that what has happened so far
    is proceeding in the right direction in terms of informing the
    Syrian government and by not targeting Syrian military
    installations and not targeting civilians,"/ he said.

    /"Notification of the Syrian government happened,"/ he said.
    /"Confirmation that they would not target Syrian military
    installations, and confirmation they would not target civilians

Targeting civilians is what the Assad regime does best, and having been assured by Obama that US warplanes were not entering Syrian air space to interference with that, Assad has felt free to continue his own campaign of /"Death from Above."/ *Reuters* reported on Friday <http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/09/26/uk-mideast-crisis-oil-raids-idUKKCN0HL0D220140926>

    Assad steps up bombing as West strikes militants in Syria

    U.S.-led forces hit Islamic State bases in eastern Syria on Friday
    and a monitoring group said the Syrian army had intensified its
    bombing campaign in the west. More...

From *Syrian Observatory for Human Rights <https://www.facebook.com/syriahroe>* we get a more detailed look at what Assad's air force has been free to do as it shares its air space with the US allies. By the numbers:
* <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-role-of-us-imperialism-in-syria-and.html>
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