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Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

First Evgeny Morozov steals Eden Medina's reporting on Stafford Beer's work
in Chile, mentioning her only in passing with no acknowledgement of her
work. (h/t to Louis for forwarding the article exposing Morozov).

Now Greg Grandin writes an article in counterpoint to Morozov without
mentioning Medina at all.

What's worse, it's clear from Grandin's article that he hasn't even read
Medina. She stresses throughout, with concrete examples, that the
intentions of Beer and Allende were to involve workers in the
decision-making process. Grandin makes no mention of that, and instead
implies that Beer's work was the precursor to the use of computers by
Washington and Pinochet to aid repression!

So the score so far: Clueless gringo journalists 2, pathbreaking Latina
professor 1. My money's still on the latter.

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