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Article...Thoughts?  Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 20:01:03 +0000  From: Walter
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 This is a very powerful article.  Reading someone else’s emotions on a
topic you can directly relate to…has great value to me.  Personally I can
relate.  I have always been the only African American dude in all the IT
teams I have ever worked on in 16 years.  Despite how much I excelled in my
role and despite how much I was promoted…I was never given the title I
deserved.  It was never a compensation thing…always a title issue.  Caused
me to question, was it something more I needed to do? Or is it something
unrelated to what I can control?

 It took me years to settle on the fact that…it was NOT me and it was
something out of my control.  Can not control my nationality :)…  African
American forever!!!  With that clear understanding I could then move
forward and not carry that baggage.  I also can care less about titles and
have been able to prove that it does not matter just by the levels of
responsibility and technical ownership I have gained in my recent career

 Things to come to reality on is:

   - You will be a loan wolf in IT…just what it is
   - There will always be haters…the more folks hate you the better you are
   doing at your job :).  As long as your Director and VP love you…keep up the
   good work.
   - You will always have to be smarter, work harder and be better than
   others.  I teach this to my daughters daily.  There is no provision to fall
   off your game.
   - Embrace being special and let others know that you know you are
   special…and that it is cool with you!

 Sorry for the long email but, I was inspired.

 P.S.:  I hope I have not offended anyone with my direct note here…it comes
from the heart with love.


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  From: Dee <dee@rackspace>
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Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 at 2:43 PM
To: "raap@rackspace" <raap@rackspace>
Subject: FW: Interesting Article...Thoughts?

Hi Ladies and Gents!

   This has been floating around and I wanted to see what people thought:

Also has any one seen Interstellar I thought it was AMAZING!

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