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Thank you Charles.

After reading how Charlie Hebdo has had an obsessive anti-Islamic focus
since 9/11/2001 and seeing millions of people unwittingly uniting with that
history under the popular hash tag #JeSuisCharlie ("I'm with Charlie") in
the name of freedom of speech, I sought to fashion an effective agitational
response that would sharply point out what was wrong with raising this
slogan in defense of free speech. So:

#JeSuisCharlie? Its one thing to support the Nazi's right to march. It is
quite another to march with them.


#JeSuisCharlie? Its one thing to support the KKK's freedom of speech. It is
quite another say Je Suis KKK.

Since the medium of this campaign is twitter, I had to fit my agitation
into 140 characters or less.  I suspect Ken's nuanced and long winded
writing style doesn't understand twitter too well.

I posted it here because I think it is a good example of political
agitation and education on twitter, not to start an inflamed discussion on
this list about the differences between Charlie and Adolph.

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