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      Obama and Israel Love Assad

> The terror industry is now working hard to create the perception that
> any European or American that goes to Syria to fight against the
> fascist regime should automatically be considered an Islamic terrorist
> and locked up immediately. This is yet another boon to the Assad
> government from the NATO powers. While its true that due to the almost
> complete abandonment of the Syrian people's struggle by the Left,
> those young people worldwide moved by the suffering of Syria are
> likely to fall under the influence of extreme rightwing jihadist
> groups, it is not true that most who have travelled to Syria to take
> up the fight against the Assad regime pose a danger to civil society
> in Europe or America. The NATO powers are more and more coming out of
> the closet with their support for Assad and this is one more way of
> accepting his proposition that the only thing we have in Syria are the
> terrorists he's been funding and his fight against then. From the Wall
> St. Journal we have
> <http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2015/01/15/why-the-u-s-prefers-assad-to-isis-in-syria/>:
>> Why the U.S. Prefers Assad to ISIS in Syria
>> By Aaron David Miller
>> 15 Jan 2015
>> The news that the Obama administration supports Russian efforts to
>> convene negotiations between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s
>> government and opposition forces is a stunning reminder of where U.S.
>> policy on Syria has devolved. As happened with the Russian chemical
>> weapons proposal of 2012, Vladimir Putin is once again rescuing U.S.
>> Syria policy from itself. The Moscow talks are not likely to succeed.
>> But the announcement reflects a growing view in Washington that Mr.
>> Assad, while a huge part of the problem, may also now be part of the
>> solution. Washington will not abandon President Barack Obama’s “Assad
>> must go” trope. But the administration clearly is moving to accept
>> that Mr. Assad isn’t going anywhere. And here’s why.

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