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      How the Left's shill for Obama's red-line con fueled the rise of

> For four years now, US President Barack Obama has been conning the
> world and most importantly, the Syrian people, about his support for
> the popular uprising to overthrow the fascist dictatorship of Bashar
> al-Assad. He has been playing an old con game with Assad's opposition,
> one best played by people with power, known as /"Good Cop, Bad Cop"./
> In the game of /"Good Cop, Bad Cop"/ you are confronted by two cops.
> One is mean, roughs you up, and is clearly intent on sending you to
> Hell. The other speaks out in your favor, claims to see your side,
> befriends you, complains about the /"Bad Cop"/ and brings you the
> occasional candy bar. In the case of some /"favored"/ Syrian rebel
> brigades, that might be as little as 16 bullets
> <http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/01/27/exclusive-obama-cuts-funds-for-the-syrian-rebels-he-claims-to-support.html>
> per man. Just enough for the shills to call them /"the US-backed
> rebels."/ The /"Good Cop"/ always claims that he would do more but for
> the constraints put on him by the police organization, in this case
> the United Nations, and his partner, in this case Vladimir Putin. The
> /"Good Cop"/ works hard to convince the target that he is in the
> mark's corner just so that he will be in a position to pull the rug
> out from underneath the victim of the con at the critical moment,
> known as The Sting.
> Getting the mark to believe something that is not true is pivotal to
> every con job and that's why every grift requires a shill. The Long
> Con <http://leverage.wikia.com/wiki/The_Long_Con> says of this role
> /"The Shill: An accomplice to the grifter, who has no apparent
> connection to the con. Shills are put in place to encourage the mark
> to act in the desired way." /The book also says /"Long cons play on
> one or both basic human frailties: greed and desperation."/ In the
> case of Syria, it has been the desperation of a people facing daily
> slaughter that has led the mark to seek the aid of the grifter in the
> first place.
> Given the lack of much of a material reality behind Obama's /"support
> for the Syrian rebels"/, he badly needed a shill to pull his con off.
> He needed a seemingly independent, or better still, seemingly
> oppositional voice, also loudly claiming that Obama really was for
> overthrowing Assad. The Left obliged him, even staging years of
> /"Hands off Syria"/ demonstrations, as if! As if Obama was ever going
> to get militarily involved in a serious way except on Assad's side.
> <http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-m35rpCW5ai0/UX7D9Le4CbI/AAAAAAAAAPI/Bx5iaRwIZWs/s1600/Obama-stolls-Assad.jpg>
> Obama's famous /"red-line"/ proclamation of August 2012 has turned out
> to be his most cynical and destructive con job to date. At the time I
> said
> <http://claysbeach.blogspot.com/2012/08/updated-obama-lights-assad-slaughter-in_4655.html>
> he was giving a green light to Assad's slaughter by every other means.
> Here we had the /"Good Cop"/ saying, I may not be able to stop the
> /"Bad Cops"/, Assad and Putin, from shelling hospitals and barrel
> bombing schools, but I'll be damned if I'm going to let them kill you
> with chemical weapons too. It was a con from the minute he said it.
> Who uses language like /"a whole bunch of chemical weapons"/ in an
> ultimatum he wants taken seriously? Just what constitutes /"a whole
> bunch of chemical weapons"/ anyway? How do we know when /that/
> red-line has been crossed?

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