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More on this:
> they simply do not see us; it is not about us at all. Syria is only an
> additional occasion for their old anti-imperialist tirades, never the
> living subject of the debate. So they do not really need to know about
> us. For them the country is only a black box about which you do not
> have to learn its internal structure and dynamics; actually it has no
> internal structure and dynamics according to their approach, one that
> is at the same time Western-centered and high-politics centered. 
Yes, Think about just about any King Kong, Tarzan, John Wayne movie set
in Africa, or it could be Asia, Latin America, Arabia, The people and
culture are just extras and setting. The real action, the real good guys
and bad guys, the real story is always about white people.

That is how the Left approaches the deaths of 200,000 non-white people
in Syria.
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