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Here's another example of what I was talking about earlier:


> According to a recent Pew Research Center poll
> <http://www.people-press.org/2014/08/18/stark-racial-divisions-in-reactions-to-ferguson-police-shooting/>,
> Blacks and whites, as well as Democrats and Republicans, have starkly
> different views of this tragic incident. Whites and Republicans tend
> to downplay the racial significance of this tragedy whereas Blacks and
> Democrats are more likely to emphasize the importance of race. Here
> are some of the key findings of the poll:
>   * 80% of Blacks said that the Michael Brown case raised important
>     issues about race whereas only 37% of whites expressed this opinion
>   * 47% of whites felt that race is getting more attention than it
>     deserves in this case whereas only 12% of Blacks expressed this
>     opinion
>   * 65% of Blacks thought the police response had gone too far whereas
>     only 33% of whites felt the same way
>   * 68% of Democrats thought that this case raises important issues
>     about race whereas only 22% of Republicans expressed this opinion
>   * 61% of Republicans felt that race was getting too much attention
>     with this issue whereas only 22% of whites felt the same way
> When I consider these findings I can't help but feel confusion and
> concern. How is it possible that /anyone/ could think that the
> shooting of Michael Brown /does not/ raise important issues about
> race? The fact that two-thirds of whites expressed this viewpoint is
> astounding.
How do we square this reality with the reality of a white dominated Left?
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