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On 2/6/2015 7:53 PM, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
> The entire international left except me, Andy Pollack, Zbigniew
> Kowalewski and Gabriel Levy support the separatists. Maybe I forgot
> one or two others.
You can add me to that list. Only, I don't call them "separatists." How
often are "seperatists" better armed, have heavier and more advanced
weapons, better communications, and a stronger supply chain than the
state they are trying separate from? The joke is that a "Left" that is
so quick to condemn any Libyan or Syrian revolutionary as a US pawn if
they accept as little as 16 bullets from NATO, can see all this
obviously Russian heavy weaponry across the border in Ukraine and still
accept the mythology that these are "seperatists" . [ A mythology which
the Western bourgoise is also clinging too because they don't want to
face the reality that a rival imperailist power is willing to go to the

But it is already clear after the absolute bankruptcy of what passes for
the Left these days on Syria, anything is possible.

I think we should call it like it is and call them what they are:
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