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I support Corbyn in his affair as I am sure most people on the list do. I
have been re-watching the Godfather movies and as always they have been a
great help in understanding politics, so some of what I say here reflects
that belief.

The coup against Corbyn has been planned for a long time.  The right wanted
"their" party back from this leftist upstart and they simply needed a
trigger.  They initially thought the local government elections would give
them that but the Labour Party did quite well.

Then the trigger moved to the Mayoral elections in London, but Labour won
that.  So it all became about the referendum on Europe.

When Brexit movement won, the coup plotters got their stalking horse Hilary
Benn to be the first to stab Corbyn.  Then they staggered the resignations
to maximize the coverage and the sense of crisis and the cascade of
imitation effect.  Finally they dragged out the Dumb Deputy Leader, Tom
Watson, to perform the coup de grace.

Despite having the media on their side including the liberal Guardian,
which I read, they still have not as yet pressured Corbyn into resigning.
There will be a vote of no confidence, and that might spark a leadership

Throughout it all Andy Burnham, who had previously stood for the
leadership, has refused to resign and has stayed "loyal" to Corbyn. He is
in all probability waiting in the wings to emerge as the candidate that
will heal, and be the compromise, the candidate with no blood on his hands,
seemingly.  My guess is that this role for Burnham has been in the planning
for a long time.

Can Corbyn tough it out?  Will the party and the country support him?
Where will that leave the Parliamentary Party? It is impossible to say,
especially from Down Under.  But I hope he does tough it out and he takes
it to the people and they vote massively for him.

Whatever happens waves of instability will break over the British political
scene in the short and at least medium terms.


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