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Dr. Michael Hudson,

In interviews with Chris Hedges and Gregory Wilpert, you assert that it is jihadists armed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama that is driving Syrians to leave the country. Would you take such a fact-free approach when it comes to the global economy?

On October 10, 2015 the Independent reported on the findings of the Berlin Social Science Center. Based on a survey of 889 Syrians who fled to Germany, it was revealed that twice as many refugees blamed President Assad’s military response to peaceful demonstrations for the country’s woes than on the jihadists. And even more tellingly, 489 of the 889 surveyed called for a no-fly zone to stop barrel bombs in order to reduce the emigration flow. Meanwhile, 49 thought the answer was to support Assad.

I simply do not understand why otherwise intelligent people such as yourself and Seymour Hersh can turn into blithering idiots when it comes to the subject of Syria.

Yours truly,

Louis Proyect
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