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I am in a remote part of Australia (again) and am following the crisis in
the Labour Party on Richard Seymour's twitter feed.  (I can picture Lou's
eyes rolling in horror)  Twitter is of course the most infuriating means of
communication yet invented. But it does convey something of the ferment of
what is happening. Compared to the comatose, zombie like state of
Australian politics, it provides like a wonderfully invigorating rush of
excitement and a by the second proof that the status quo is in danger.

I have read Richard's blog on the Verso site and as always it is very
thought provoking. But it is too early to say whether his guess is correct
and that the coup against Corbyn has been bungled.  My selection for the
anti-Corbyn candidate still remains Andy Burnham, though he has tweeted
that he will not support the coup.  If he will not stand, then the coup
could collapse.

So, the plotters against Corbyn will get their vote while thousands of his
supporters chant outside. Did the plotters underestimate Corbyn?  It would
appear so. Richard's analysis is that they want their party back
irrespective of the damage this does.  But as the coup drags on and the
plotters are forced out of the corridors and the back rooms and into the
streets, it is now clear that they will encounter real popular anger.  And
I don't think the likes of Hilary Benn or Alan Johnson will be prepared for
what will happen.

all fascinating.


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