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Hi Gary,

I went to the protest tonight; at about 7 o’clock when I left I think it would 
be more accurate to say there was more like 1,000 people there. 

(As I’m sure you’re aware) there’s an argument Corbyn has lost support due to 
the lacklustre campaign he ran to stay in the EU. The counter argument is that 
Corbyn’s reserved endorsement for remain was more in tune with a sceptical 
Labour base than many of his MPs (who painted the EU as a land of milk, honey 
and worker’s rights). It’s completely conceivable Corbyn did lose some support 
from some of his young supporters who were overwhelmingly in favour of 
remaining. But his mandate was such it is unlikely that it has made much 
difference (given the lack of support the others received). And so its also 
unlikely that this coup will be successful. But I’m beyond doubtful this has 
translated into much public support outside of the membership – I.e. in terms 
of Corbyn being able to win a general election – and the likelihood is we may 
well face a snap election this year to give Cameron’s successor a proper 
mandate to negotiate Brexit and, most likely, reboot Osborne’s austerity 


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