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> On Jun 27, 2016, at 5:30 PM, marinercarpen...@gmail.com wrote:
> I’m not sure I understand what point you’re making...

This referendum originated in Cameron’s appeasement of the right wing of his 
own party; there was no “left” that was remotely capable of redefining the 
terms on which it would take place or be understood — only some naive wishful 
thinking. For that reason, the referendum's impact was always going to be 
shaped overwhelmingly by the racist, anti-immigrant sentiments of the people 
who had “won” it as a concession: they knew they could spin this as a victory 
for nativism and "traditional values” (as they are now doing).

Recognising all of that, many of us urged support for remain, not out of any 
love for the EU, but because *this referendum* — i.e., the one happening in the 
real world, in June 2016, because of Cameron’s appeasement, as opposed to some 
fantasy referendum flowing from an imagined internationalist, anti-racist 
uprising — *was not the right referendum for any progressive outcome*.

Furthermore, since a leave vote was very obviously going to unleash the racist 
right, many of us argued that *left* support for leave would fatally undermine 
their credibility in the eyes of the millions of immigrants in Britain whom 
they would be complicit in making immediately, concretely vulnerable to abuse 
and physical danger — millions of people who are otherwise their natural allies.

I don’t care *remotely* what left supporters of leave want to say in response 
to talking heads on the telly who are bad mouthing the British working class. 
Their talking points have never been any part of the argument that I and others 
were making. Raising it in discussion with left critics of their position is a 
defensive red herring — a way of avoiding confontation with the awful truth 
about their naivete and poor judgment, their recklessness, and their complicity 
in the violence now unfolding. 

I hope that’s a bit clearer, because I'm completely sick of explaining it while 
people are being attacked on the streets.

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