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The origins of the referendum are common knowledge. Nobody on the left welcomed 
the referendum as far as I know or saw it as an opportunity - so this point 
about ‘naive wishful thinking’ and ‘imagined internationalist, anti-racist 
uprising’ is a complete straw-man. Obviously people on both sides of the 
argument attacked Farage’s rhetoric. But racism was equally forthcoming from 
the other side, if more subtle (one of Cameron’s ‘concessions’ was, 
effectively, to starve migrants who hadn’t found a job). Moreover, the racist 
right were unleashed by the campaign itself, at least as much as the result, 
and (whilst a counter-factual) its difficult to imagine the outcome would have 
been any different if the result had been 48 – 52 the other way. Had it been 
so, Farage would be gunning for a second ref and many who voted leave would 
have had the feeling of exclusion (and its violent consequences) further 
reinforced. You talk about *I and others* as if you’re *remotely* important. I 
have no idea who you are/ represent/ write for. Are you suggesting everything 
would of been ok if I’d just read your article in The Workers Armpit or 
whatever? Have you any notion how marginal the far left are currently in the 
uk? How miniscule? And yet you seem to suggest the far left can shape discourse 
and set the agenda and, moreover, the message of the mainstream media is 
completely unimportant. You further seem to say that we just needed the right 
arguments/ theory. The truth is the far left here comprises a dwindling pool of 
public sector workers, academics and students. Many of which are relatively 
privileged in the eyes of the old industrial working class. In other words, the 
far left was completely powerless to shape this outcome (whatever the line had 
been) and, historically, has largely itself to blame through becoming 
stultified/ petrified in doctrine that could no longer explain the world to the 
people it sought to recruit. I personally have conceded buyers remorse in 
regards my vote but in the end it made no difference (I am not in a leninst 
Ponzi scheme nor will I ever be again) so you can stick your charge of 
complicity up your arse. The same with your sickeningly moralising coda written 
from another country.

From: MM
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