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On 8/9/16 1:46 AM, Clay Claiborne via Marxism wrote:
BAR is wrong to think the so-called "Black Political class" has a lot of
influence on how black people vote, just as it is wrong to think BAR
represents a political leadership that black people should follow. You
think the black masses are being duped?

Of course they are being duped, just like the white factory workers are being duped who plan to vote for Trump because they are tired of seeing runaway shops. When Trump made a big deal about Carrier air conditioner picking up and going to Mexico, that became the lead story on all the TV networks. This was the first time any politician aggressively took on a major grievance that both the Democrats and Republicans were associated with. Did it make any difference to a factory worker that Trump was full of shit? Nope.

So Clinton is "better" for Blacks. Well, she says so. Does it matter that her husband put an end to Aid to Families with Dependent Children that according to researchers (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25521891) reduced the average life span of a mother by a half a year? Probably not since the Black church, the Black political class, Black celebrities, every white liberal and most Black radicals are in agreement that she is "better" than Trump. Who notices the loss of six months of a life except the person who is losing it, after all?

Well, of course, she is better. The system would fall apart overnight if Hillary Clinton was retweeting white supremacist crap. This is a system that has been finely tuned for 84 years now, with the election of FDR. The Democrats were the good cops and the Republicans the bad cops. Workers and Blacks were told by the good cop that they'd better accept NAFTA and an end to AFDC or else the bad cop would come in and beat the shit out of them.

So Jill Stein comes along and challenges this system. But this is not acceptable because of her positions on vaccines and Syria. If overnight she changed her mind on vaccines and Syria, the Hillary Clinton traveling circus of Lesser Evil Politics will dig into every single speech she ever made and find some other reason to crucify her.

In 1964 I voted for a Democratic candidate for president for the first and last time. They told me that Barry Goldwater was going to blow up the world. Every night for 3 months leading up to the November election, you could see commercials superimposing Goldwater's face over an H-Bomb. It scared the pee out of me but not half as much as facing the draft after LBJ escalated the war in Vietnam.

I ain't scared anymore.

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