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On 8/18/16 11:20 AM, Clay Claiborne via Marxism wrote:
But I was greatly saddened this morning to see Louis uncritically present
her claim that she is a "peace candidate."

What color is the swamp?

I don't need this demagogic race-baiting bullshit from either Clay or Joaquin. The next time I get even a whisper of it from them or anybody else, I will begin unsubbing people. After 18 years of moderating Marxmail, I have learned to figure out when people are tired of the list. It is usually when words like "swamp" or "petty bourgeois" are thrown around, or like when Walter Lippmann used to bait people for not supporting the Chinese Communist Party because we were in "comfortable" imperialist countries. I will vote for Hillary Clinton on the same day I will hail the Chinese bureaucrats.

That is it.
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