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An excerpt.  Caps as I received them.
                        ken h

MUST SEE VIDEO: US Peace Council returns from Syria, a country fighting 
“invasion by the most powerful country in the world”

September 3, 2016, 9:58 pm
The campaign to confuse the American people has been intense, but one thing is 
sure, Syria is fighting an invasion, not a civil war.
The truth about Syria and what is happening in Syria is all here, in the video 
below, outlined and documented during this press briefing by the US Peace 
Council (USPC).
We cannot be sure how long this video will be allowed to stay on Youtube, but 
we urge everyone to take 45:00 minutes of your time to see this video, share 
this video, and finally spread the word about the “vicious” war being waged on 

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