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On 10/13/16 2:16 PM, Andrew Stewart via Marxism wrote:
Actually Louis that is not Marxism at all, it is geology and a basic
diagnosis of the geopolitical tensions. Whatever ideas you have about
the events in Syria and people who you disagree with has absolutely
nothing to do with this one.

The problem is that you describe the pipeline as helping the public understand "the bigger picture behind the fighting" when it fact it does no such thing.

The fighting in Syria is not over pipelines but over whether a family dynasty based on oligarchic rule and mafioso violence should continue.

In fact, I posted a link to an article by Gareth Porter that refutes such nonsense:


I would have hoped that you would have taken the trouble to comment on Porter's article. Perhaps the fact that both of you are Assadists might have made such a task more difficult.

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