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As for "maniacal princelings affiliated with the House of Saud funneling money 
to ISIS," that horror would be of world class dimensions:

"There are 15,000 members of the royal family in Saudi Arabia, all 
princes/princesses or better. 

"Part of this is just due to the fact that Saudi Arabia has practiced, and 
still practices, polygamy. The founder of modern Saudi Arabia had at roughly 
100 children, 45 of them sons. His youngest was born 52 years after his 



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>Sent: Oct 14, 2016 11:04 AM
>To: Thomas F Barton <thomasfbar...@earthlink.net>
>Subject: Re: [Marxism] Syria maps
>On 10/14/16 10:32 AM, Andrew Stewart via Marxism wrote:
>> Do you understand how politicians can subvert a popular uprising
>> against a government to serve their geopolitical interests or are you
>> as stupid as your petty insults?
>But here's the real problem. You write:
>"Gee, how ironic that ISIS just so happens to be massed around the areas 
>that the Saudis want to gain control of for their fossil fuel cartel. 
Golly, I wonder if any of those maniacal princelings affiliated with the 
>House of Saud might be funneling money to ISIS?"

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