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Mark Lauren wrote:
Well, the same could be said for the "glorification" of political struggle, 
too, couldn't it? :-)

Hi Mark 

You may misunderstand.

By glorification of economic struggle I mean the confinement of struggle within 
the framework of capitalism. The struggle at the economic level means that 
these demands for increased wages are realisable within capitalism. It is not a 
struggle that requires social revolution. Consequently to suggest that economic 
struggles are revolutionary is to glorify and even fetishise them. In a sense, 
then, they are not political in character. This being so they don't necessarily 
entail the transformation of working class politics. 

Fake Leftists by misleadingly investing economic struggles with a political 
character are endeavouring to circumscribe struggle within a capitalist 
paradigm. In that sense, then, this Left is containing struggle and obstructing 
the development of revolutionary politics.

Given this the same cannot be said for the glorification of political struggle.

Take Care
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