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From: Paddy Hackett <paraichack...@gmail.com>
Date: 17 October 2016 at 11:35:23 IST
To: Louis Proyect <l...@panix.com>
Subject: Re: [pen-l] Fwd: Saudi Arabia, Syria and the smoking gun | Louis 
Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Hi Louis 

Read with interest your piece on the Syrian conflict. 

I do suspect there is something in what you say concerning the relationship 
between Saudi Arabia and ISIS. I often wondered about the apparent irony 
concerning the terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia by ISIS while the Saudis 
apparently provide it with arms. 

But I do suspect that the West, itself, has been aiding terrorists or rebels in 
Syria. Neither do I support armed intervention by Russia. Generally none of the 
armed actors are serving the interests of the Syrian masses. They are operating 
in their own venal interests which has ultimately to with profit. 

The support voiced by some Lefties for Russia and the Syrian regime reminds me 
of the role played by much of the Left during the 1st World War. At the end of 
the day the Russian Federation and the Syrian government are capitalist 

It is rare to see to see articles like yours on the Syrian situation.

Take Care

On 16 Oct 2016, at 23:48, Louis Proyect <l...@panix.com> wrote:

For those on the left who have taken up the cause of Bashar al-Assad’s 
survival, the chosen tactic is to make the rebels seem so awful that he becomes 
a “lesser evil” by comparison in the same way that Hillary Clinton is in the 
2016 elections. And for that tactic to succeed, it is essential to play up the 
alleged Saudi and CIA connections to the Syrian rebels and downplay to the 
vanishing point any of the goals put forward by the overwhelmingly peaceful and 
democratic opposition of early 2011. Most of all, you have to search for that 
secret document that proves once and for all that the Syrian revolution was no 
revolution at all and merely a proxy bid by Washington and its Wahhabi allies 
to destroy a secular state that despite its authoritarian tendencies was far 
better than al-Qaeda or ISIS. Wikileaks becomes a primary resource for the 
search for a smoking gun, the latest instance of which is a 2014 Hillary 
Clinton email that was cited by both Ben Norton and Patrick Cockburn.


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