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I watched the debates in Harlem with friends and when Trump called for law
and order the crowd grew silent, and I could see the pain in some faces,
especially one close friend of mine who's been stopped on not too few
occasions. And so almost all of my friends and associates, most of whom are
African-American, will be pulling the lever for Clinton.

What this article sheds light on is the fact that the Dems don't give a
damn about black lives anywhere, however, I wonder if they, and probably
some sectors of the GOP, have made some peace with the movement for racial
justice, i.e. prison reform, as long as it does not challenge the absence
of income redistribution at home and imperialism abroad.

I'm shooting from the hip here, not a very Marxist thing to do, but it's
something that's been on my mind. I'd like to hear what others might think.
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