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On 10/18/16 6:32 PM, Andrew Stewart via Marxism wrote:

I am currently working to help build up the Green Party of RI's base
post-November so to begin developing a selection of local candidates who
can deliver a 2018 midterm upset to whoever is elected president.

The problem with this kind of effort is twofold. First, you need to develop
agit-prop and events catered to the whole family. Second, you need to do
something that is accessible for that family demographic, meaning it is
limited to the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

I think I have one good film here, Ferngully, it was a decent picture 25
years ago and is G rated.

I figure I might try to get some reactions to this idea here, particularly
if there are other films of this nature worth doing.


There are tons of documentaries. Or are you just interested in narrative films?
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