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There's a new article at Jacobin entitled "Socialize Finance: We already
live in a planned economy. Why not make it a democratic one?"

Unfortunately the article is about pretty much everything except that.

It has much useful information on how finance currently functions, and
speculation on how it could be reformed under capitalism, but virtually
nothing on how a socialist democracy would use finance for planning.

As I've said before, the hypermegasupercharged computers currently used to
trade stocks are far, far more powerful than would be needed to allocate
resources and plan for the future from the shopfloor to the world as a
whole. And in fact those computers used by logistics and retail giants
already have a handle on the distribution and production steering wheels.

Expropriation of the big banks would allow conversion of current financing
computations into qualitatively simpler, product-by-product calculations
aggregated up to a society-wide plan - one voted on in essentials at the
lowest possible level, from central government down to
>From calculating safe and equitable healthcare and education
worker-per-student/patient ratios, to calculation of a minimum wage that
would allow sufficient household income for fulfilling lives, it ain't
rocket science.

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