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What a stupid, immature, non-political article!

> The left’s inability to meaningfully antagonize will allow those rising to
> power to continue to call them weak. The first steps toward truly combat
> the coming fascism must involve not just outspokenness and protest, but
> vulgarity and cruelty. It is not in our interest to humanize our enemies,
> because they are not human. Their near-cartoonish evil affects the entire
> world, and their concern for our feelings on the matter has proven to be
> nonexistent.

> Now is not the time to wonder if fat shaming Chris Christie is
> counterrevolutionary. When we discuss Steve Bannon, simply calling him a
> neo-Nazi will not do. He knows what he is — we must also call him a
> spineless, bloated, gas-filled corpse. Donald Trump is not merely orange,
> and calling him “Drumpf” will not phase him. He must instead be a
> repulsive, childish, damp, limp-dicked slimeball. We must ruthlessly mock
> their appearances, and disrespect them the way they disrespect us.
> full: http://www.thenorthstar.info/?p=13012
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