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Trade Union Conference in Kyiv: “Modernization of Ukrainian labour legislation: 
view of trade union and labour law specialists” 

3 December 2016  All-Ukrainian  trade union “Zakhyst Pratsi” (“Defense of 
Labour”)  conducted its conference in in Kyiv “ Modernization of Ukrainian 
labour legislation: view of trade union and labour law specialists ”. The 
activists of following Ukrainian trade unions, civil unions and left-wing 
parties, participated in the conference work: AUITU “Zakhyst Pratsi” (trade 
union branches at PJSC “Ukrsybbank”(BNP Paribas) (Kyiv), Living-Exploitation 
Company # 109 (Kyiv), “Metro   Cash and   Carry   “(Kyiv), “Pivdenmash (Dnipro) 
ATU “People Solidarity” (trade union branch of converter shop of PJSC 
“Metallurgic Company “Azovstal” (Mariupol). Independent trade union at PJSC 
“Mondelis Ukraine” (Trostianets, Сумська область) Independent miners trade 
union (city organization, Kryvyi Rig) All-Ukrainian Trade Union Confederation 
(Kyiv) Trade union of Ukrainian land relations industry (Kyiv) National Trade 
Union Confederation of Ukraine (Dnipro, Kyiv) All-Ukrainian trade union of 
attested police workers (regional organization, Mykolaiv) Trade union of 
aircraft builders of Ukraine (FTUU, Kyiv) Independent trade union “Solidarity” 
of Black Sea ship-building plant (Mykolaiiv) Independent trade union of 
Mariupol sea port (Mariupol) Independent trade union Mykolaiiv sea port 
(Mykolaiiv) Strike committee of “Khersonelektrotrans” plant (Kherson) Civil 
council of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine Workers Party (Kyiv, 
Mykolaiiv, Dnipro) Social-Democratic Party (Kyiv) Organizational committee of 
Social Movement party (Kyiv, Kryvyi Rig).   The following persons had spoken at 
the conference: Dmytro Filipchuk – the Chairman of Trade union of Ukrainian 
land relations industry Petro Petrychenko – the Chairman of National Trade 
Union Confederation of Ukraine and Grygorii Kabanchenko – the Chairman of Civil 
council of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. We’d received comradely 
greetings from following fraternal organizations:  independent workers trade 
union of Kazakhstan “Zhanartu” (Mukhtar Umbetov and Ainur Kurmanov) general 
national French trade union l’Union syndicale Solidaires (from the name of 
trade union its Chairman Verveine Angeli) left-wing parliament party Red Green 
Alliance, Denmark (from the name of party’s international secretariat – Mikael 
Hertoft) The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (Great Britain) (from the name of 
organization its founder Marco Bojcun).   Main reports at the conference was 
done by the researchers:  Natalia Agnyshchenko – the Chairman of Women Bureau 
of AUITU “Zakhyst Pratsi”  (“Gender aspect in new Labour Code draft: remarks 
and propositions of social active and trade union activists ” and Vitalii Dudin 
– the lawyer of the Center of social and labour researches  (“Selective 
adoption of European experience as the way of labour rights shortening” ).  
Third report was done by  the Chairman of the Central Coordination Committee of 
all-Ukrainian trade union “People Solidarity” Oleksii Kliashtornyi  
(“Persoectives and dangers of new Labour Code”) . The panel discussion  on the 
topic  “Modern problems of Ukrainian labour legislation reforming: general 
Ukrainian and regional aspects”  with attraction with regional conference 
participants was made under the moderation of  lawyer – human rights defender 
Oleksandr Palii . Undoubtedly, the conference has shown high ability of the 
activists of Ukrainian independent trade unions in the direction of further 
struggle against anti-worker and anti-union new Labour Code draft. The 
connections between activists of different Ukrainian trade unions considerable 
improved during 2016. The problems of analysis of new Labour Code draft indeed 
was very important and actual for integration of the activists of Ukrainian 
independent trade unions on all-Ukrainian level. Both newly established and 
quite experienced trade unions form different regions of Ukraine at the first 
time received real possibility to coordinate its efforts for widening among 
working class masses real and true information regarding this predator and 
anti-worker new Labour Code draft. Independent Ukrainian trade unions, 
left-wing activists as well as professional and honest scientists – law 
researchers succeed during very short period of time to create the coalition of 
trade union organizations, civil unions and even political forces, mainly 
left-wing, which meaningly and sharply stood against power’s attempts to shift 
off their numerous failures in state’s social policy into shoulders of millions 
ordinary workers. 31 May 2016 the Appeal of Ukrainian national platform of 
civil society forum of Eastern Partnership regarding new Ukrainian Labour Code 
draft  was published. This appeal first time directly declares that both text 
of this draft and hidden and non-democratic order of its viewing in the 
Parliament of Ukraine provokes serious disturbing from the side of different 
Ukrainian civil society institutions. With the help of series protest actions 
and powerful informational efforts  in the beginning of autumn 2016  our trade 
union succeed to call quite massive Ukrainian society resonance directly to the 
issue of expediency ща new Labour Code adoption under hard present situation.  
In the end of September 2016 the parliament faction of Oleg Liashko’s Radical 
Party  resolutely refused to vote for this draft of Labour Code in the second 
reading. And it’s necessary to note that just our principled and persevering 
position called and secured making of this decision. All-Ukrainian conference 
became very successful and breakthrough. Independent Ukrainian trade unions has 
begun to select among all its membership it’s those militant part, which is 
really ready right now to begin coordinated struggle among for the plenty of 
issue of social and labour rights of Ukrainian workers. We’ll win if we 
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