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Elena Garcia tackles the festering impact of feral animals on the
Australia's ecology.
New on 'Soil Alliance'...

"Feral animals like camels, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, foxes, buffalo,
deer, pigs, and horses, and introduced weeds, continue to push native
animals to extinction, erode and destroy our grasslands, forests and
riparian zones so our waterways silt up; bare the topsoil for erosion by
overgrazing; and directly or indirectly eat or compete with our native
animals and plants and our livestock industry. They are an increasing
threat to farming viability....Any attempt to have this debate has been
controlled up to now by sentimentalists and animal liberationists who have
hijacked any attempt to stop the extinctions of our native animals and
protect our environment and regulate humane feral animal control. We need
to strip the sentimentality out of the debate and stop worrying about
eating Wilbur, Bambi, Thumper, Pussy, Buck and White Fang, Reynard, Thowra
and Storm, or exporting them to people happy to eat or use them, and
instead see clearly that if we do not manage our land we will be left with
a desert, whether we personally choose to eat or use these animals or not."

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