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The president of the Carpenters Union has sent a letter to the membership
on the present situation. You have to read between the lines to really get

Here is the letter sent out by the president of the Carpenters Union, Doug
McCarron. We are also providing a translation of some of the finer points.

*McCarron:**“Our membership is divided over this election. However, what
unites us is stronger than what divides us.”*
*Translation:**“We recognize that many of our members have fallen prey to
racism and other forms of bigotry. We, the union leadership, will do
nothing to challenge this disease that will rot away the very foundation of
worker solidarity.”*

*McCarron:* *“Every good UBC member has the desire to be the best, most
productive craftsperson in the industry. And by being productive we help
ensure that our employers can be successful and bid and win more work.”*
*Translation:* *“The union will survive by providing workers who make more
profit for the boss than do the non-union workers. That this destroys the
very reason for a union, and that this policy has been a total failure, we
will ignore.”*

*McCarron:* *“We will now work with (Trump) to find common ground such as
on infrastructure spending.”*
*Translation**: “We will continue to ignore his playing to bigotry as it
doesn’t affect our dues base. We will ignore his war mongering, unless that
means increased construction spending, in which case we’ll support it. As
for infrastructure spending – oil pipelines, coal storage facilities,
methane plants… we will support it 100% (as long as we get some dues money
out of it). As for a Wall? Well, let’s discuss that.”*
*Read the entire article here

*John Reimann*
*Oakland, CA*

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