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I am writing to bring your attention to a new book on Herbert Marcuse and 
contemporary social movements!

The Great Refusal: Herbert Marcuse and Contemporary Social Movements 

Edited by Andy Lamas, Todd Wolfson and Peter Funke with foreword by Angela Davis

"One of the great 20th century critical theorists of domination and liberation, 
Herbert Marcuse has an enormous amount to say to our time. The Great Refusal makes this 
abundantly clear. The contributors draw Marcuse's imaginative reworking of Hegel, Marx, 
Freud, and Weber into illuminating conversations with a diverse range of contemporary 
theorists and political movements. . . from those of the Zapatistas and Chinese factory 
workers to the Arab Spring and Occupy. This book is a treasure trove for scholars and 
activists alike."—Wendy Brown, University of California, Berkeley

Contributors include: Kevin B. Anderson, Stanley Aronowitz, Joan Braune, Jenny 
Chan, Angela Y. Davis, Arnold L. Farr, Andrew Feenberg, Michael Forman, 
Christian Fuchs, Stefan Gandler, Christian Garland, Toorjo Ghose, Imaculada 
Kangussu, George Katsiaficas, Douglas Kellner, Sarah Lynn Kleeb, Filip 
Kovacevic, Lauren Langman, Heather Love, Peter Marcuse, Martin J. Beck 
Matuštík, Russell Rockwell, AK Thompson, Marcelo Vieta, and the editors (Andy 
Lamas, Todd Wolfson, and Peter Funke).

Todd Wolfson, Associate Professor
Department of Journalism and Media Studies
Rutgers University

Co-founder Media Mobilizing Project <http://www.mediamobilizing.org>
Twitter: @twolfson
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