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Louis Proyect said:
Trump never should have messed with the CIA. These guys are past masters 
of dirty tricks.

Ken Hiebert replies:
Whatever differences Trump has with the CIA, he is basically in harmony with 
their goal of manifesting US power around the world.  But let's imagine that he 
actually intended to curb the CIA.  In that instance, he would have no choice 
but to "mess with the CIA."
In which case, we would need to go beyond the observation that the CIA can do 
him much harm and think of how we might take advantage of such a dispute to 
further our own political goals re the CIA.

I cannot claim to know who is lying and who is truthful in this dispute.  I do 
think the CIA would be taking a big risk if it's just making up this story.  
Sooner or later, the truth will out.
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