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In the 100th anniversary year of the Russian Revolutions, our conference 
focuses on the theme of revolution. We want to speak to the widespread and 
widely varying causes, contexts, conditions and consequences of modern 
revolutions. There are many types, of course, but we are primarily interested 
in the often spectacular political, social or economic events that confront 
particular institutional, social and ideological regimes. The revolts of 
colonized, enslaved and indigenous peoples from Tyrone, Toussaint, Tupac and 
Tecumseh, through the revolutions which defined the west like the English and 
the French to today's Bolivarian, Arab Spring, and colour revolutions, have 
transformed politics, state structures, economies, cultures and societies. 
Revolutions require imagination: ideologies motivate actors, events confound 
them and prompt new explanations. By some accounts, we are still living in age 
of revolutions; others question their possibility to
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