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Start here, Mr. President.

Seven hundred workers forced off their jobs at a chemical plant partially-owned until recently by Trump’s billionaire “job czar” want the President to make their lives great again. And that’s why many of them voted for him.

The striking workers are picketing all nine entrances of the massive Momentive Chemical Plant — which stretches for nearly half a mile along a country road in Saratoga County. The pickets have been going around the clock since November.

On Friday, as President Trump meets in D.C. with his handpicked head of job creation — hedge fund billionaire Stephen Schwarzman — the workers will still be marching in front of the chemical plant that until recently Schwarzman's hedge fund partially owned.

full: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/n-y-plant-workers-hope-trump-honors-promise-create-jobs-article-1.2963002
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