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Trump rant:"We're gonna havefantastic universities, very special campuses. 
Right now they're terrible.They're a joke, folks. Filled with communists, 
women, diversity. We need betteruniversities. It's terrible, this diversity. 
We're gonna make them great again.No more classes that teach useless things 
like writing and public speaking..."A conservative complaining against 
communists in universities is understandable. We have this paranoia in India, 
with the constant attack on universities, calling them communist dens. But 
complaining against diversity and that the universities are filled with women 
is something that makes me wonder what kind of a peson he is. most of his 
ranting against journalists is familiar to us, here in India under Modi. But 
even if the Hindu Fundamentalists bark against women's freedom, Modi doesn't 
dare utter a word against women.Can someone make this clear?Vijaya Kumar Marla
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