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On 3/15/17 11:01 PM, Nick Fredman via Marxism wrote:
I've criticised Roy Gutman and
called his Nation articles rubbish not just because he seems to be a cruise
missile liberal who's a shill for Erdogan, but also because at least two of
his sources have complained about his distortion of their words, because
this has also happened in his previous work, because he leaves crucial
facts out, because claims made by his anonymous sources are often absurd
and/or completely contradicted by other evidence, etc.

Frankly, human rights abuses are not uppermost on my mind in a situation where violence has become so generalized. There were human rights abuses by Sandinista soldiers against Miskitos, while the Red Army was positively barbaric as it swept westward against Hitler in 1945,

My issue with the PYD is the deals it cut with Assad. While one can not be exactly sure what happens on the battlefield in the fog of war, we do know exactly what words came out of Saleh Muslim's mouth: Assad was being framed for using sarin gas in Ghouta; if he was overthrown, there would be mass murder against Christians and Alawites, etc.

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