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"The Twin Cities General Defense Committee led a “Rally against the Advocates 
of Race War” on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol was an unqualified 
success. We achieved all of our goals and then some. We denied a platform to 
the neo-Nazi, fascist, and white supremacist Alt-Right. This included our 
success in discouraging the Afrikkkaner neo-Nazi, Simon Roche, from even 
attending an event at which he was slated to speak. We drove a wedge between 
Trump supporters and those who are unambiguously members of the fascist right. 
We physically isolated the fascists and gave Trump supporters no choice but to 
choose which side they were on. This lead Drumpf organizers to publicly 
denounce these Nazis, separating themselves from the fascists who were 
attempting to organize their base. The successes of this action proves the 
strength in our movements.”


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