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Thanks for sending this David. I read the article in full, but really the headline says it all. Now, if he had instead said "Zionist" or "Israeli lobby" then I would have let it pass (though not exactly agreeing with the statement). But just the fact that he was totally content to use the "Jewish" label clearly reveals that he is not of the left.

An important lesson for the modern era to be learned, one that repeatedly challenges my previous assumptions, is that high profile figures (especially in arts and entertainment) with contrarian or outspoken anti-establishment positions, cannot be assumed to be speaking for the left. Many years ago it seemed simple: anyone speaking out against war or imperialism, for freedom and civil rights, against international treaties and trade deals, against government secrecy, or denouncing official corruption, were clearly part of the left and probably had good positions on most other issues. Of course I knew of exceptions, but they didn't amount to anything. "Anti-government" meant anti ruling class, which could only mean pro working class.

So it was easy to be enthusiastic when hearing these sorts of words from an Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, Julian Assange, or Glenn Greenwald. What I (and many other leftists) missed is that these people's provocations may have well served their careers and public images, but did not derive from their involvement in our struggles or from any left party or organization. The left can well take credit for creating an atmosphere where challenging government secrecy, militarism, and corruption would have broad popular appeal. But that favor doesn't automatically get returned.

And of course in recent years, these ambiguities have greatly intensified in terms of political movements on the extreme right which have hijacked what we had deemed to be leftist rhetoric. That's an additional issue which has received more than a small bit of attention on this list. But here I'm not considering the organized right-wing, but just those well known figures who consider themselves above political action on the ground. It is easy for them to take a left wing position here, a right wing position there, and mix them all up (especially through the medium of conspiracy theories!) in a collage that advances their careers and glory. But which can only be confusing to the left, should we be so careless as to champion such individuals over the millions of activists who will never achieve any such degree of recognition for their work which is both unpaid and liable to get them thrown in jail or worse.

- Jeff

On 2017-05-07 20:13, DW via Marxism wrote:

Oliver Stone: Jewish Control of the Media Is Preventing Free Holocaust

Outspoken Hollywood director says new film aims to put Adolf Hitler, who he has called an 'easy scapegoat' in the past, in his due historical context.

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