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Trump's recent wistful remark that if Andrew Jackson had "been a little bit later, you wouldn't have had the Civil War" offered yet further proof of how strongly contemporary white nationalist narratives continue to shape the president's views of the world.

A favorite of white nationalist web forums like Stormfront and 4chan's /pol/, Andrew Jackson is described in these fora as a thrilling military victor of the white race. Jackson set up a legacy for the expansion of the US and the slave-owning South. He stopped nullification by threatening to hang anyone in South Carolina who organized in support of it, and he left a precarious economy that bottomed out two months after his successor, Martin Van Buren, took office. When Van Buren rejected Texas's admission to the Union to avoid upsetting the balance between slave states and non-slave states, Jackson withdrew his support for Van Buren in favor of James Polk, a slave-holding president whose support for the annexation of Texas strengthened the hand of slaveholding states in the South. The continued expansion of the slave-holding territories in subsequent presidencies would set the stage for the Civil War.

full: http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/40527-trump-s-remark-on-andrew-jackson-was-a-dog-whistle-for-white-nationalists
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