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On 5/12/17 11:56 PM, Ralph Johansen via Marxism wrote:

Well,  US megacorps have never been some sort of monolith, but rather
have been segmented according to their various, competing, far-flung
interests. And one of the mitigating factors for labor has been
capital's centrifugal tendencies. If only we understood how to exploit
that fact in an organized manner.

Keep in mind that American corporations doing business in Nazi Germany were mainly operating sub rosa except for Ford that was owned by an open anti-Semite.

Take GE. This was not exactly an American corporation. GE in Germany was owned 70 percent by German investors.

Coca-Cola operated in Nazi Germany but not with its own brand name but as Fanta.

IBM sold tab machines that were used for the census but again like GE, through a subsidiary that was 90 percent German-owned.

None of this is meant to get these outfits off the hook but there is a huge contrast with the way American companies operate today:


McDonald's announced today that it plans to open 60 new restaurants in Russia over the course of 2016.

The company's focus on affordable menus and local suppliers has proved successful in the economic crisis, and it intends to ramp up expansion efforts over the coming year.

The chain is one of the greatest symbols of American impact around the world. Business Insider visited one in downtown Moscow during a trip to Russia in 2013 — here's what it was like inside.


Even Putin could probably find a sneaker that he likes inside Nike's (NKE) new Moscow store.

The sneaker giant cut the ribbon on Sunday to a massive 23,455 square foot, five-story store in the Russian capital. Similar to other Nike flagship stores, the Moscow location features a Nike+ Running Trial Zone, Nike+ Football Trial Zone and areas for product customization such as engraving (some pictures below). There is even space for a person to get their shoes cleaned, while the second floor is mostly dedicated to limited-edition sneakers.
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