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"The FBI is apparently hot on the redolent trails of lucre left by Michael
 and Paul Manafort
which confirms my suspicion that the real scandal isn’t Russian meddling in
the 2016 elections but shady financial dealings by Trump’s dubious
ensemble of associates."

From the Jacobin article. But the issue goes way beyond that. There's a
reason why so many present and former Trump team members are tied in with
not only the Putin regime but also with different Russian corporations
(such as Gazprom). The reason is that Trump, himself, has longstanding and
deep ties to Russian investors. And given the nature of Russian capitalism,
many of these investors are outright mobsters. In other words, the Russian
mafia. One of the most prominent is Felix Sater, but there are others too.
Sater, a convicted stock swindler, for example had a business card that
linked his name with Trump, traveled with Trump and is pictured with Trump.
Yet he's so unsavory that Trump denied even remembering him.

However, let's not go all "anti-Russian". Trump's personal helicopter
pilot, Joseph Weichselbaum, was also a convicted drug smuggler.

This is what's really scaring Trump - that any investigation into Russia's
role in the recent US elections would tend to spill over into revelations
of his direct financial ties. (My belief: That's the real reason Trump
won't release his tax statements; it would reveal those ties.)

And why don't the Democrats reveal some of this? Because former Obama
Justice Department officials as well as former FBI agents are also involved
in this network!

See this article for the details:

John Reimann
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