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Mohammad Sabaaneh, the super-talented  Palestinian cartoonist and former 
political prisoner, is now three-fourths through his current 15-city tour of 
the United States. The tour has the title "Life & Prison in Palestine: A 
Cartoonist's Eye". On the tour so far, Sabaaneh's been able to connect in 
person with many, many hundreds of Americans. Also, to do some great media 
interviews (see above.)

If you live in Detroit, New York, Baltimore, or Philadelphia-- or have friends 
who do-- be sure to check out the tour calendar to see when Sabaaneh will be 
bringing the tour to those cities, over the eight days ahead!

But first, this very evening in Chicago, Sabaaneh will be taking part in the 
ground-breaking event with Brant Rosen, "A Rabbi and a Cartoonist Look at 
Palestine". It's at 7pm, at Volumes Bookcafe 1474 N. Milwaukee Av
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