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(I know that isn't the news that most of us are reading, which is telling)

The International Coalition Carried Out A Massacre In Al-Bukamal Today, Killing Dozens Of Civilians
Date: 15 / 5 / 2017

The USA-led International Coalition carried out a horrific massacre in Al-Bukamal city during the dawn, after executing multiple strikes against the city, which targeted an area near Al-Rahman Mosque and the vicinity of Al-Russafa as well as Al-Iman Mosque and the Hajanah Barrack.

The civilian death toll from the airstrikes has risen to 25 civilians, including locals and displaced families. The death toll might increase since rescue operations to pull trapped civilians out of the rubble area still ongoing.

More than 15 civilian-owned homes were destroyed, and many other civilian properties were badly damaged.



Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve

May 18, 2017

Release # 20170518-01


Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria and Iraq

SOUTHWEST ASIA – On May 17, Coalition military forces conducted 32
strikes consisting of 101 engagements against ISIS terrorists in Syria
and Iraq.

In Syria, Coalition military forces conducted 22 strikes consisting of
32 engagements against ISIS targets.

• Near Abu Kamal, seven strikes destroyed seven ISIS well heads, four
fighting positions, a front-end loader and a mortar system.

• Near Al Hawl, one strike destroyed a mortar system and a fighting position.

• Near Dayr Az Zawr, two strikes destroyed four ISIS fuel trucks and a vehicle.

• Near Raqqah, 11 strikes engaged eight ISIS tactical units; destroyed
five fighting positions, three mortar systems, three vehicles, two
ISIS fuel trucks, and an ISIS headquarters; and damaged an ISIS supply

• Near Tabqah, one strike engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed
a fighting position.

In Iraq, Coalition military forces conducted 10 strikes consisting of
69 engagements against ISIS targets.

• Near Mosul, six strikes engaged five ISIS tactical units; destroyed
eight fighting positions, four medium machine guns, four mortar
systems, four VBIEDs, four rocket systems, three vehicles, three
rocket-propelled grenade systems, two ISIS-held buildings, two heavy
machine guns, two ISIS staging areas, a supply cache, an anti-air
artillery system, an ISIS fuel truck, a VBIED facility, and a fighting
position; damaged 16 supply routes and four rocket systems; and
suppressed two mortar teams and an ISIS tactical unit.

• Near Sinjar, one strike destroyed a tank.

• Near Tal Afar, three strikes engaged an ISIS tactical unit and
destroyed a UAS factory, an IED factory, and an ISIS staging area.

Additionally, two strikes were conducted in Syria on May 16th that
closed within the last 24 hours.

• Near Abu Kamal, one strike destroyed four oil processing equipment items.

• Near Raqqah, one strike damaged an ISIS supply route
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