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From: Hands Up Don't Shoot <handsupdontshoot....@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, Jul 22, 2017 at 11:36 AM
Subject: Protesters are back in the streets. Need help. Lives are at stake!
To: John Reimann <1999wild...@gmail.com>


Writing to inform of you of a situation that is still evolving that
requires immediate attention...

St. Louis is under a heat advisory, the Workhouse has no a/c, heat inside
rises to 115 degrees making it a death trap. Protesters are back in the
streets protesting these inhumane conditions. You or I would be arrested
for leaving a dog in a hot car. Police already under scrutiny for an
overtime scandal and covering cameras mounted in the precinct responded
with a heavy handed approach. Tempers are rising with the temperature in
and outside the Workhouse. Protesters are gearing up for round 2 tonite and
need your support. Police will try to shut this down, they do not want to
deal with a potential situation of protests outside and a prison revolt
inside, especially not as we approach the 3rd year anniversary of the
murder of Michael Brown.

I am writing to ask your support for bail, covert ops and first aid
supplies. This situation could go from 10 to 100 very quickly and we cannot
afford to be caught offguard. Please donate what you can today today to
support this action http://www.handsupdontshoot.com/donate

Mainstream media is trying to control the narrative. We will not allow them
to like they did in Ferguson.

Below are additional details...


The police showed their true colors tonight (the 21st), brutalizing and
macing protesters who merely want the city to address the current and
ultimately inherently horrific conditions of the workhouse. Protecting a
jail that really just needs to go. A/C is a minor victory compared to what
needs to really be done. We shouldn't back down when our numbers are so big
and the momentum is strong! If we stick together, we will close this place
down once and for all.

Join us for an emergency protest against current heatwave conditions of the
workhouse on Saturday July 23rd at 7pm. Bring pots and pans to bang on, or
anything that will make a loud noise so folks can hear us. It's going to be
hot, but its the least we can do to support folks on the inside who are

Our family, friends and others who are currently locked up awaiting trial
or serving short sentences in the Workhouse are right now inside a literal
tinder box because of the heat wave. Temperatures are reaching 105-115
inside and there is no air conditioning or ice to cool folks down. They are
literally screaming for help from the windows. Shut down the workhouse, the
torture has gone on long enough.

The jails and prisons we so often find ourselves in are created to keep the
poor separated. Breaking up families, gouging us out of our hard earned
money that we give to our loved ones commissary so they can buy overpriced
necessities inside, etc. And it's not just about a heatwave, it's also
about the reality of the disparity of those who do and do not go to jail
most often falls along the line of race and class. You rarely see the rich
in such torture chambers. Those who can’t afford bail are left to cook
inside, sometimes waiting years to see trial. These types of jails and
prisons they lock us up in originate from the same people who would of
justified slavery in the 1800s. Let’s break the separation and let people
know on the inside that we aren’t gonna just forget them.

Hands Up Don't Shoot! Network
Phone / SMS (314) 896-1483

"No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them."
Asata Shakur
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