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(Our benefactor Hans Ehrbar in the news.)

That leaves the question of how Utah gained its reputation as a hive of Marxian scholarship in the first place. The process apparently began with the arrival of leftist economists from UC Berkeley, who were fleeing an atmosphere of ferocious anti-communism there after World War II. They recruited two notable Marxian economists, Hans Ehrbar and Emery K. Hunt, both of whom are now retired and listed as emeritus professors. As Marxian economic analysis fell out of favor, and Marx’s thinking became relegated to the history and philosophy departments, Utah remained one place where he was still taught as an economist.

The university, for its part, says the notion that its economics department is still “red” is outdated, especially since Ehrbar and Hunt are long retired. What remain, the university says, is a department committed to a diversity of economic research, including the Keynesianism espoused in effect by Marriner Eccles.

Would Eccles approve of his role in American economic history being caricatured as Marxian by supporters of an institute bearing his name? Good question.

full: http://www.latimes.com/business/hiltzik/la-fi-hiltzik-koch-utah-20170725-story.html
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