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Lukács' "Ontologie des gesellschaftlichen Seins" is his great forgotten, undiscovered, untranslated and hidden book. In my view, it is his most important work. It is a shame that his own students simply rubbished the book in their essay-comment, but did nothing to translate the entire work into English. They clearly misjudged the greatness of the Ontology.

I have as part of the development of foundations of a Marxist theory of communication discussed Lukács' Ontology in the book "Critical Theory of Communication: New Readings of Lukács, Adorno, Marcuse, Honneth and Habermas in the Age of the Internet" that asks what we can make of his Ontology-book and other works in the age of the Internet.

The Ontology of Social Being-chapter (Georg Lukács as a Communications Scholar: Cultural and Digital Labour in the Context of Lukács’ Ontology of Social Being) is chapter 2:
I have in this chapter also translated some of what I consider key quotes from Lukács' book from German into English, so it also gives a partial introduction to the Ontology.

Similar things said about the Ontology can also be said about Lukács untranslated two volume "Die Eigenart des Ästhetischen".

It is sad that when one says Lukács today, the only association for most is and has to be "History and Class Consciousness", which is a great book, but not his greatest....

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On 29/07/2017 18:46, George Snedeker wrote:
Does anyone know of a good discussion of Lukacs's THE ONTOLOGY OF SOCIAL
BEING in English? Only three of the eight chapters of Lukacs's last
major philosophical work have been translated into English. These three
chapters were published as three small books by the Merlin Press. The
final three chapters of Lukacs's book: on Alienation, Ideology and The
Social Reproduction of Society have not yet been translated into
English. The three chapters which have been translated into English as
separate books are on Hegel, Marx and Labor.I understand that Brill will
be publishing the entire Ontology of Social Being in perhaps 3-5 years.

George Snedeker

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