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In the first place, the US ruling class did not pick Trump. The
overwhelming majority first supported Jeb Bush and then switched to Hillary
Clinton. It is a sign of the crisis of US capitalism that they could not
secure the nomination for candidate they wanted most or the election for
their perfectsble (to them) second choice.

In the second place, I  do agree that Trump is stupid. He is not
particularly successful. I've seen articles showing that if somebody took
the money he inherited and invested it autual find they would have made
more money. The difference is that he epitomizes a certain narrow mentality
and lack of concern for social norms, including willingness to move over to
the "dark side" of their own laws. I am referring to his many years
functioning as a money laundered for the Russian mafia and probably other
criminal elements. This has been the basis for his success, but is also the
basis for his crude, arrogant ignorance, which Noonan sees as stupidity.
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